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Qatar 2022 World Cup calendar

The 2022 World Cup will be held for the first time in winter and is bound to be a special event, especially in terms of the schedule. To make sure you don't miss any of the 64 matches, here is the schedule for the 2022 World Cup.

The 2022 World Cup will kick off on Sunday 20 November with the match between the host country, Qatar, and Ecuador at the Al-Bayt Stadium. The final will take place on Sunday 18 December at the Lusail Stadium.

The 2022 World Cup Qatar  groups

The 32 teams qualified for the 2022 World Cup have been divided into 8 groups, each consisting of 4 teams, as follows

4pm, Canada-Morocco (Group F, matchday 3)

4pm, Croatia-Belgium (Group F, matchday 3)

8pm, Japan-Spain (Group E, matchday 3)

8pm, Costa Rica-Germany (Group E, matchday 3)

world cup: Friday 2 December :

4pm, Ghana-Uruguay (Group H, matchday 3) :

4pm, South Korea-Portugal (Group H, matchday 3)

8pm, Cameroon-Brazil (Group G, matchday 3)

8pm, Serbia - Switzerland (Group G, matchday 3)

Round of 16

Saturday 3 December :

Round of 16 1: 1st Group A - 2nd Group B: 4pm

Round of 16 2: 1st Group C - 2nd Group D: 8pm

Sunday 4 December :

Round of 16 3: 1st Group D - 2nd Group C: 4pm

Eighth 4: 1st Group B - 2nd Group A: 8pm

Monday 5 December :

Eighth 5: 1st Group E - 2nd Group F: 4pm

Eighth 6: 1st Group G - 2nd Group H: 8pm

Tuesday 6 December :

Eighth 7: 1st Group F - 2nd Group E: 4pm

Round of 8: 1st Group H - 2nd Group G: 8pm


Friday 9 December :

Quarter 1: Winner Eighth 5 - Winner Eighth 6: 4pm

Quarter 2: Winner Eighth 1 - Winner Eighth 2: 8pm

Saturday 10 December :

Quarter 3: Winner Eighth 7 - Winner Eighth 8: 4pm

Quarter 4: Winner Eighth 3 - Winner Eighth 4: 8pm


Tuesday 13 December :

Semi 1: Winner Quarter 1 - Winner Quarter 2: 8pm

Semi 2: Winner Quarter 3 - Winner Quarter 4: 8pm

Match for 3rd place

Saturday 17 December :

Loser Half 1 - Loser Half 2: 4pm


Sunday 18 December :

Winner Semi 1 - Winner Semi 2: 4pm

Details of the 2022 World Cup schedule

A tighter schedule

Because the World Cup is scheduled in winter, FIFA has had to adapt and opt for a tighter calendar in order to disrupt the club season as little as possible, which is interrupted in the middle of the year, which inevitably irritates the leagues and teams. As a result, the World Cup will be played over only 29 days and the group stage over only 13 days.

 For the first time in the history of the World Cup, there will be not 3 but 4 daily matches systematically scheduled (except for the first two days of the tournament).

A typical day in Qatar

During the group stage, 4 matches will be scheduled each day, with some exceptions. The first match will take place at 11am in France (or 1pm in Qatar), the second at 2pm, the third at 5pm and the last at 8pm (or 10pm in Qatar).

The knockout matches will only take place in the evening: at 4pm and 8pm in France, or at 6pm and 10pm in Qatar. The final will thus take place at 4pm.

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