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Best football prediction :1X2 TIPS ,BTTS TIPS, OVER/UNDER SOCCER 1X2 TIPS

today  football prediction: 

Australia  NPL Victoria : Bentleigh greens - Hume city   1FT

Euro U19 : France U19 - Italy U19     1X

Faroe islands  D2 : AB  Argir - Toftir         1X

Iceland D2 : Hottur/Huginn - Volsungur    over 2.5

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Why do we offer football predictions?

Football is the most popular and widespread sport in the world. As a result, it is also the most popular sport among bettors and the one on which people bet the most. At wawbet, we have obviously taken this passion for football into account, and we therefore offer a very large number of football predictions.

Without neglecting other sports, football predictions are our priority, and they represent a large part of the sports predictions offered on our site. We provide you with 100% free and reliable football predictions, for beginners and sports betting experts alike. Your football predictions will never be the same again!

Who writes wawbet football predictions?

The wawbet soccer prediction team is a collection of soccer experts and experienced bettors. This allows us to achieve perfect cohesion between football lovers, and to offer you the most reliable predictions. The goal is to beat the bookmakers!

Free prediction previews for daily major and minor league soccer updates. Check out all of our winning 1x2 BTTS OVER GOAL betting tips for today.

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