The history of the premier league


The history of the premier league: the birth of football 

The Premier League has become a major economic, marketing and competitive monster and is now the world's most important football league.but before being the most economically powerful in the world, it was the very first professional league to be founded in football history.

The Football Association, founded in 1863, is the source of many of the rules of the game that are still in force today. In 1871, the FA founded the first competition in the history of football 

Over the years, professionalism began to emerge in England, but the practice was still illegal. On 20 July 1885, a major step was taken when the FA finally agreed to legalise professionalism after several years of debate.

The creation of the Football League is attributed to William McGregor, then manager of Aston Villa, who was desperate to secure a regular income for his professional team. He convinced his colleagues and the FA that a guaranteed number of matches per season would help to build up a loyal following and ensure a regular income.
Thus, on 8 September 1888, the 1st edition of the English league was launched with 12 clubs. The rules are quite similar to the current format: each club meets twice, once at home and once away. However, at the time, a victory only earned 2 points (compared to 3 points currently in the European leagues)

preston the first winner of the championship

In 1889, Stroke FC won the first title, followed by a second title the next year. Aston Villa, William McGregor's club, did not win their first title until 1894, followed by 4 more titles until 1900.

 the 'FA Premier League' in 1992, which will become simply Premier League' in 2007.

To modernise the league, the First Division clubs resigned from the FA in 1992 to form a new limited company with shares¸ the FA Premier League.

The old Football League was reduced from 4 divisions to 3, but without changing the format. In 1993, the first edition of the FA Premier League featured 22 clubs and was won by Manchester United
In 2007, the name of the league was simplified to simply the Premier League.

The most successful teams in the premier league

20 Manchester United
19 Liverpool FC
13 Arsenal FC
9 Everton FC
7 Aston Villa
7      Manchester City
6 Chelsea FC
6      Sunderland AFC
4 Newcastle United
4      Sheffield Wednesday

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